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If being sick for Christmas is stylish, then I am well on my way to becoming fabulous.


420 words - a new record!

Riveting Developments

Tonight I used the dough I mixed on Sunday evening and made our homemade pizza. As I prepared the crust with sauce and toppings, the cat stood nearby and supervised the entire process. He took deep sniffs of the fontinella (a very smelly semi-hard cheese with a salty bite) that I blend in with the mozarella but was not interested in sampling any of the ingredients. I've set up a separate site to deposit his pictures: Cat on the Typer.

My ongoing cross stitch project is almost finished, and I'm looking at ordering another kit at a particular site. I will not, however, be ordering MR.FECES.

Operation Cat Tree is GO

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mistressemi wins Sister of the Year Award.  Applause now!

My screams and victory dance made the cat flee for his life when I opened my brand new Sims 3!  Apparently your brother mentioned that I was apprehensive about some of the new changes (your created sims can move away forever and make other autonomous life choices while you play different households) but he didn't realize I'd come to terms with them and I'm pleased it will mean less micromanaging every single generation and give a more realistic "Story Mode" as it's called.  

Since then I've been super excited and perhaps just a bit mopey that I didn't have it yet, but now I'm all set to kick Justin off of his fast computer to get my Simmin' on. 

Thanks a bunch!

Completely unrelated, last night I was browsing the channels and found a 1974 Italian(?) film called "Blood for Dracula."  I switched it on halfway-through and was greeted by what I later learned was the Count himself vomiting about a half pint of blood into a bathtub.  This went on for several minutes and pretty much set the tone for the rest of the movie, which gets ALL UP ONS with nudity and gore and a sleazy rapist for a hero.  Can imagine an emo Arnold Swarzenneger? Now I can!  Also, I can picture him rolling around on the floor whining about the poor quality of blood he's been receiving from the tramps he's been wooing. 

Now I'm all boggled and confused.  (One!  One confused Parser! Ah-ah-ah!)

Dramaaaaaa: Laptop Edition

     Justin's laptop is not currently functioning, but he's joking about it and told me I need a sippy-cup.  I spent this morning looking for the receipt and warranty information and, after some organization and cleaning, I found both.  It is well under the three year warranty and hopefully we can find a solution.  With the rest of the time I had while Justin was furiously fighting a ferocious tennis battle, I made To Die For Blueberry Muffins.  The reviews were not misleading and they came out with a great firm texture and subtle flavor.  Next time I'll skip the streusel or use less butter.

The MST3K planet logo

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     Last night after work I had some misadventures with frying in my cast iron skillet (the bastard gets hot FAST) and then sat down to watch the MST3k episode "Angels Revenge."  The confusingly edited femsploitation flick with no fewer than two Gilligan's island actors had some great riffing and featured my favorite of the Two Hosts, Mike Nelson (He Who Is Dreamy).  Today I couldn't resist watching another one of the 2nd volume DVD collection and popped in "Pod People" while Justin slept on the couch.  Joel gives us one of the funniest host segments I've ever seen, recreating a song from the film with the unintelligible lyrics as best as he can manage ("Peas on Pie!").

     In conclusion, Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M's are fairly decent but the fruit flavor is a bit artificial.  Strawberry must be hard to replicate.

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Hurgleblurgle aaaaaak

Amazingly enough, my laptop works again!  I made Justin take off some of the panels on the bottom so I could see what had happened and the sonabitch just started back up again.  Yesterday I managed to keep myself entertained and screw up some more cross-stitch projects, but I'm overjoyed to have it with me at work again tonight.

Apparently, though, I repay his awesomeness by letting a combination of my stupidity and the drink-obsessed cat get a very tiny amount of Diet Pepsi on the keyboard of HIS fancy laptop.  I turned it off immediately and seemed to clean it out well enough, but I feel awful.  It is hopefully not screwed up but I have to wait until he gets back from tennis to tell him about it.  I have to leave early to pick up the clients from their work programs, so I don't have much time to spend with him today as it is.


It seems as though I may have turned Justin's very old laptop into a brick.  I was setting it up at the kitchen table at work and ended up having a full cup of water jump out of my hands and land next to it, letting some of the water flow under it and probably frying the motherboard.   At least I have Gastroanomalies to read. 

Out of nowhere, the Sims 3 released on Tuesday.  I'm not sure I should pick it up until I can afford to upgrade my computer a bit, because my gosh was S2 a resource hog.  It's massively tempting but I have plenty to occupy myself with until then.